8 consequences of drug use effects on our bodies and mind

Currently, there are many types of drug use that produce different effects on our bodies. And its consumption generates a type of alteration that can be very dangerous.

drug use on the mind and body

These substances can produce different exciting, pleasant, and even hallucinogenic effects, but their consumption also causes serious consequences for our organisms, the health, and the social functioning of the consumers. Read More

8 consequences that the drug can leave in habitual users:

  1. Family, relational and social problems: are quite frequent regardless of the type of drugs that are consumed. Being able to lose friends and even work.
  2. Mood alteration: noticeable in the hours after consumption. In the long term, the personality of many people can be greatly affected.
  3. Anxiety and insomnia: it is very common for people who use drugs frequently to suffer from anxiety and sleep disturbances. Ecstasy or cocaine can cause nighttime anxiety or nightmares.
  4. Isolation: is a direct consequence of drug abuse. Users can come to live by and for the drug. In this way, they leave their hygiene and physical appearance neglected.
  5. Respiratory problems: Side effects of some substances include chest and lung pain or respiratory depression. It increases the risk of pneumonia and serious lung health problems.
  6. Neurochemical imbalances in the brain: With drug use, permanent neurochemical and functional changes occur in the brain of addicts. Therefore, neuronal loss and neurodegenerative problems can occur.
  7. Cardiovascular problems: drugs alter the normal functioning of the heart. A variation in blood pressure occurs that can lead to heart attacks, blood vessel infections, and other cardiovascular problems.
  8. Defects in pregnancy: the abuse of psychoactive substances deteriorates the health of both the mother and the child. Therefore, it is linked to premature and underdeveloped babies, birth defects, and learning disabilities. among other negative consequences. Also, Read

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