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From kids waving to Starship robots tumbling down the sidewalk, to families dancing to songs as they pick up their deliveries, we’re proud to be at the heart of the communities in which we operate.

A day in the life of a spaceship robot

However, we recognize that seeing robots is not “normal” for many people, so we wanted to explain in more detail how they work.

Starship robots are over 99% autonomous and have completed over 3.5 million deliveries worldwide. Using an array of cameras and sensors, it can navigate sidewalks and pavements along pre-mapped routes and detect people and obstacles in its path.

The robot’s size is intentionally small so it doesn’t take up much space on the sidewalk, but it’s deceptively spacious and can carry up to three shopping bags. Perfect for refilling groceries or taking out with friends.

All robots are equipped with bright orange illuminated flags that provide visibility for both pedestrians and drivers, and front and rear lights for easy detection in the dark. You may also notice the lights flashing to indicate the direction you are turning or about to turn.

Don’t worry. Just because a robot is autonomous doesn’t mean it will take over. Each robot is programmed to keep learning about its surroundings to optimize its delivery routes and driving behavior, but humans are always on standby in case the robot is ever needed.

In such cases, the robots will alert Starship’s “Mission Control” (also known as the operations team) back to them, and remote human assistants will assist the robots when needed. A single person can monitor dozens of robots simultaneously, review robot decisions, and assist when needed. This is becoming less and less as time goes on. At first she had to have two people or she had three people to watch all the robots, but now she can have one person watch far more robots.

How do I place an order?

Starship robots are already available in over 30 locations in 6 countries, making it easy to get started!

Our friendly robot loves moving in and out of the community and we look forward to delivering it to you soon!

team starship x

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