The consequences of smoking on health

We all know that tobacco is harmful to smoking on health, but today on the occasion of WorldWithout Tobacco, we want to emphasize the dire consequences that this unhealthy habit has on people’s health.

Negative consequences of its consumption

Increases the chances of developing cancer

Diseases of the respiratory system are the most well-known consequence of tobacco use. It has been shown that smokers have a higher risk of developing, among other things, cancer.

Although its effects do not only harm consumers, passive smokers – people who involuntarily breathe in the smoke of other people’s cigarettes – can also develop this disease. The smoke and pollutants generated from cigarette combustion are deposited in the organs through respiration or saliva.
Tobacco is related, above all, to cancer of the lung, tongue, throat, digestive system, and bladder.

smoking on health

Quitting smoking decreases the chances but does not eradicate them. Therefore, ex-smokers are at greater risk of continuing to suffer from these diseases than non-smokers.

Damages the respiratory system 

Along with cancer, respiratory problems are the most widespread consequences of smoking. It is typical to see how smokers lose lung capacity and suffer ailments such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) such as emphysema.

Cardiovascular diseases 

Carbon monoxide is one of the main risks of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, tobacco is responsible for 15% of cardiovascular diseases and it is smokers who are 10 times more likely to suffer a myocardial infarction or, in milder cases, angina.

Other diseases that can encourage smoking are venous thrombosis, cerebrovascular accident, arteritis of the lower limbs, and even erectile dysfunction.

skin problems 

The substances contained in tobacco cause the degradation of the elastic fibers of the skin, which favors the appearance of wrinkles. It also causes the skin to lose its luminosity and turn a grayish color.

Nervous system problems 

Smoking directly affects the central nervous system, causing addiction, which is why it can cause dependence, anxiety, and irritability if it is not consumed due to its addiction.

Other conditions 

Pregnant women pass nicotine to the fetus and it can be born with a lower weight than it should. In addition to causing respiratory, cardiovascular, and allergic problems. Also, Read

It also causes damage to oral health, increasing the possibility of suffering from diseases such as gingivitis, and periodontitis, not to mention that it causes bad breath and colors the teeth yellow.

Ear, nose, and throat problems are very common in smokers: tonsillitis, rhinopharyngitis, laryngitis, and otitis.

We must not forget that tobacco not only causes health problems but can also affect the domestic economy due to its high price. Quitting smoking will not only benefit the smoker’s own health and that of those around him but will also benefit his pocket.

If you know someone who wants to quit smoking, advise them to visit their GP so they can recommend the best method. The first thing is always health. Read More

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