Starship Technologies Sets New World Record with 10 Million Kilometers | Reed Zula | | Starship Technologies | April 2023

Starship had another exciting day: our robot broke the record Mileage 10 million km!

To put the hard work done by our busy bot into perspective, 10 million kilometers is the equivalent of driving to and from the moon more than a dozen times. No other autonomous delivery service has achieved this. We are very proud of our team for accomplishing this feat. This milestone distance is longer than any other company in the industry and more than six times his million-mile mark recently announced by international self-driving car developers Waymo and Cruise.

But what really sets us apart is the level of autonomy our robot has achieved. Recently, I was reviewing some data and found that one of his robots completed her 24 consecutive food deliveries to customers 100% autonomously over 16 hours without any human intervention or supervision. I was surprised.

Today our robots are part of many people’s daily lives. Building on our success in providing shipping from hundreds of stores through our own Starship app, we offer our ‘as a service’ to global partners looking to make their own shipping more sustainable, low cost and enjoyable. We offer “Delivery as a Service” (DaaS). There is currently a lot of interest in using our technology as last mile shipping is highly inefficient and costly. Our technology has proven that it has the potential to revolutionize one of the most inefficient and costly parts of the delivery process today: last mile delivery.

This milestone is an incredible achievement and shows that our service truly leads the automated delivery industry. We recently shared that our robot has made over 4 million of his autonomous deliveries and crosses pedestrian crossings an average of 140,000 times a day. Worldwide he has over 2,000 robots in motion, and it’s only a matter of time before he surpasses 20 million kilometers!

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